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Making a difference each day.

We are Different.



Our curriculum is mastery based including the higher level research classes. 

Students are placed by their individual content knowledge and pace not by grade.  

Students receive instant feedback in every subject throughout every day. 

Parents have real time access to their students attendance and grades.  

Students are taught metacognition which promotes life long learners and  resilience

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Quality Education

We are:

A violence free school.

A drug free school. 

A bully free school. 

Tomorrows leaders begins with todays students. 

1. English Language Arts (ELA).

Our ELA is currently undergoing a research trial with Johns Hopkins University regarding our instructional program and student progress. This program is also in the process of becoming Nationally Accredited through Cognia.    

'Sticky Licks" created by D. Jones,  combines, Phonemic Awareness, Syntactic Knowledge, Vocabulary, Lexicosemantic Awareness, Graphene and Phoneme Association, Literal and Inferential Awareness and Comprehension. The students are reading fluency through "Sticky Licks" with confidence and cadence. 

2. Mathematics K-12

Mathematics series start with basic arithmetic and progress to 300 level Mathematic University Level Courses.  

Our Unique Challenge Books correlate with the math series  going up to Algebra 2. 

When students complete the series, we offer special mathematic classes created by David Jones. 

3. Physical Science - Elementary

Physical Science Series includes more than 300 “Expert Trials” and “Challenges” and is a prerequisite for ALL’s Secondary School science courses. This course is designed to build a strong base for more advanced science courses. Although an understanding of algebraic relationships is necessary, emphasis is placed on conceptual models. Examples of topics covered include: Mechanics (Newton’s Laws of motion, momentum and energy, gravity, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics); Electricity and magnetism (electrodynamics, electromagnetism, circuits); Properties of waves (sound, light); Structure of the Atom (subatomic properties, atomic nucleus); Chemistry (the periodic table, chemical bonds, molecular mixing, reactions, acids, bases, redox reactions); Earth science (rocks and minerals, Earth’s internal properties, hydrology, atmosphere, weather).

4. Anatomy 

Anatomy Series covers various human structures and systems including: skeletal, muscular, integumentary, digestive, dental maturation, renal system, respiratory, cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous, and endocrine.

5. Geography 

Physical & Political Geography Series includes more than 290 “Expert Trials” and “Challenges” and is a 10/10 prerequisite for many of ALL’s Social Science courses such as geopolitics and human geography. Students will study geosystems including the forces and processes in the natural environment including the solar system, atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, and geosphere, and the forces and process that alter the Earth’s surface. Additionally students will identify geographic, governmental and political subdivisions of territory on a variety of scales and cartography. Extensive use of on-line resources.

Curriculum  Pedagogy 

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Know Where Your Money is Going 

Smart Investing for a better future.

Directing Taxes through School Tuition Organizations (STO)

100% of Directed AZ taxes to our school through the STO goes to tuition.

IBE        APESF    

Donating Directly to the School:

Money is allocated to whatever the doner specifies and the money is used for that purpose. 

Note to Donors:

If you have a specific building, sport or subject you would like to donate to please contact the main office.

Accelerated Learning Laboratory 

Main Office Number (520) 743-3895

Green Fields School 

Main Office Number is (520) 297-2288

Secretary Abbie Wallen

Director Serei Kay

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From Parents

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"Our daughter went to Accelerated from kindergarten to 4th grade. In 5th we enrolled her in the best eastside district in Tucson. From the day she started her new school she begged to return to Accelerated. She said she was boarded, learned nothing new, and the kids were mean snobs. Finally we returned to Accelerated. She is now very happy and she learned things in 7th grade that kids at other schools are not learning until 10th grade. Regardless of what was said in the other reviews, art and music are available. I agree that Accelerated is not the school for parents who don t get involved, don t want to know what their child is doing, or blame the school for having academic and conduct rules. The math, language and science are extraordinary. Parent should know that Accelerated is more a college prep than a school for struggling kids."

July 27, 2006


From Graduated Students

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2022 Graduate Alumni

Thank You

ALL’s instructional model will confirm that schools and instructional practices are the predominant factors influencing student performance, not ethnicity, social status, economic privilege, gender, or a child’s neighborhood.

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