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Admissions & Enrollment

Quality Education

Quality Education by Learning Without Limits

Admission: Admissions

Enrollment Process

  • Come and tour the school

  • Fill out the application

  • Application fee is $50

  • Assessments 

  • Get your start date!

  • Welcome aboard to giving a gifted level education to your child!

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Assessments are stress free. We do not cherry pick our students! We administer a placement test to determine where the gaps are in your child's education. This gives us a starting point as to where they begin their gifted level education that does not have a ceiling affect. Call our office for more details.


Tuition Information

  • Tuition K-8 is $10,000

  • Tuition 9-12 is $12,000 

  • We believe that all students should have access to a gifted level education regardless of economic standing. We have partnered with STO (Student Tuition Organizations) to finance student tuition. Do NOT let the tuition deter you from applying!

Student Life 



Admission: What's Happening

Accelerated Elementary & Secondary Schools

Accelerated Learning Laboratory Application

K-12 Enrollment Form 

Open Enrollment. ALL Campus K-12. Application fee is $50

PreK Enrollment 

PreK is Re-Opening at the ALL Campus for the 2022-2023 School Year!

We have 100 seats available. 

First Day is August 15, 2022 and the Last Day is June 30, 2022.

Pre K Fee Schedule 

Admission: Apply Now


School Tuition Organization 2022-2023 School Year

This is your Files section introductory paragraph. It’s a great place to summarize the content of your files and add important information such as dates and formats.


Corporate Low Income 
Corporate Individual
Tax Credit


Corporate Low Income 
Corporate Individual
Tax Credit

Admission: Files
Admission: Video
Admission: Video
Admission: Video
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