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Our Mission

Accelerated Learning Laboratory (ALL) will demonstrate that all children can exceed gifted level performance when a comprehensive curriculum is coupled with effective educational practices. ALL’s instructional model will confirm that schools and instructional practices are the predominant factors influencing student performance, not ethnicity, social status, economic privilege, gender, or a child’s neighborhood. ALL will demonstrate a 21st Century instructional model of formal education in which student performance will exceed all historical attempts to produce advanced learning. The ALL community will embrace the belief that all children will exhibit genius, in abundance, when allowed to cultivate innate talents in a challenging, supportive, and civil environment.

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Students Learning 

Learning Without limits

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Mission Statement

Accelerated Learning Laboratory shall:

  • Demonstrate that ALL students, regardless of ethnicity, social status, economic privilege, or gender, perform at a gifted level, when the educational system utilized is supported by scientific research.

  • Demonstrate that students who are provided with meta-cognitive instruction and the resources to activate meta-cognitive behaviors accomplish extraordinarily ambitious goals.

  • Promote a knowledge centered, learner oriented atmosphere in which students’ innate talents are nurtured in a challenging, supportive and civil community.

  • Design, develop and refine a replicable, scalable, evidence based model of education.

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Vision Statement

​Accelerated Learning Laboratory shall:

  • Implement an individualized growth model supported by research in the Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences.

  • Provide, rigorous and meaningful instructions at each student’s functional level, in a group setting unrestricted by grade level.

  • Demonstrate that all students can exceed rigorous performance standards:

    • When clear, measurable, and challenging growth goals are defined

    • When fine-grained student performance data is utilized to guide instruction and interventions.

    • When educators and students understand and employ continuous improvement feedback loops

  • Design and refine a data collection system capable of informing educators, in real-time, of educator effectiveness and student progress towards defined goals.

  • Explicitly teach, rehearse, and reinforce metacognitive awareness and self-regulation.

  • Promote a knowledge centered, learner oriented environment:

    • Where ALL community members exhibit mutual respect for each other;

    • Where “honor” is a fundamental to its collaborative culture;

    • Where students are encouraged to contribute to the quality of others’ lives;

    • Where students develop long-term ambitions to make meaningful and lasting social contributions

    • Where passion for learning and creating drives achievement

  • Empower ALL students to control their own destinies and the destiny of this nation, by providing equal access to the most effective and efficient educational system available.

  • Continuously improve its educational system by integrating new research findings in the Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences into its existing design.

  • Continuously improve its system design, educational materials, and pedagogy utilizing data driven analysis of student performance, educator effectiveness.

  • Analyze and enhance the efficacy of its instructional materials and pedagogical practices utilizing data driven continuous improvement feedback loops focused on student outcomes.

  • Make its evolving pedagogical strategies and design concepts available to institutions involved in educational research and/or curricula design.

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Gifted Level Education For ALL

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Accelerated Learning Laboratory
Summer Office Hours
Monday 9:30AM - 4:00PM
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5245 N Camino De Oeste, Tucson, AZ 85745, USA

Green Fields School Phone Number (520) 297-2288

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