2021-22 school year

Open Enrollment ~ grades K-12


Accelerated Learning Laboratory and Green Fields member campus are now open. Please see our Distance Learning Plan for more details. Please also see our COVID-19 Mitigation Plan, our On-site Support Services, and our Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan.


The AZ Dept. of Education guidelines and regulations for opening

schools are being followed for the safety of our teachers, staff, and students.

ALL Charter School in Tucson

offers educational choice to families seeking a college ready curriculum, advanced teaching methods, and accelerated instruction. Read More...

Virtually non-existent

are violent play, selfish conduct, and unkind words.

Experiences students have

at ALL Charter School are reflective of social shifts that have occurred in the 21st century. Read More...

Unique to ALL Charter School

is its practice of helping students develop mental behaviors that have long been associated with high intelligence, academic and career success, and life satisfaction (happiness). Read More...

Unlike other high performing schools,

the ambiance at ALL Charter School is low stress with minimal anxiety, yet rigorous goals and high academic growth are attained. Read More...

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