Parents Group

ALL Parent Association (APA):  is open to family members of ALL students from High School to Pre-School.  Its mission is to support ALL’s Mission and Vision objectives as well as enrich ALL’s physical environment and culture texture.  APA meets in July to plan the year’s meetings, fund-raisers, and other events.  The parent group organizes many after-school activities, sponsors many extracurricular activities, assists with end-of-year celebrations, and organizes the scholastic book fair.  ALL greatly appreciates APA’s generous donations of time, expertise, and talent.  The ALL Parent Associationsupports ALL’s mission and vision objectives along with its commitment to civility and inclusiveness. APA’s assistance with the reliable dissemination of accurate information and its generosity in welcoming new parents is greatly appreciated by the entire ALL Community.

APA provides many ways in which students, parents, and friends can become involved in the ALL community. Volunteers are always needed, as teacher helpers, graders, copier operators, playground supervisors, before or after-school monitors, etc.  The list is endless but the volunteers are not.  A half hour to an hour of your time each week can be a rewarding experience and meaningful contribution. Volunteering can help parents prove they are committed to their children’s’ education by responding to the oft-thought but seldom articulated litmus test, “If school is important enough for me to work my hardest, then it is important enough for my parents to be involved and know what I’m doing.”   Please aid us in making the school an extraordinary childhood experiencefor all our children by stopping by the Main office and signing up to be an APA volunteer.


The Accelerated Learning Laboratory (ALL) Parents Group consists of parent volunteers who wish to make ALL a better school for students and teachers. The primary objectives of the ALL Parents Group are:

  • Create extracurricular fun for students.
  • Help create a nice environment on the ALL campus.
  • Provide general support for teachers.