Our competitive season for 2016-2017 has ended.  The team will continue to do on campus activities, including learning new competition events.


     1. What does my student have to wear?

A: The tournaments are hosted by the National Speech and Debate Association, which sets all the rules and requirements.  For dress code, NSDA requires that tournament participants wear business casual or business attire (slacks/khakis/dress/pencil skirt, NO sandals, collared shirt.  Tie and blazer suggested.)

     2.  What is included of the cost?

A:  The cost includes transportation and lodging.  Lodgin may include continental breakfast.  Students will still need spending money for meals and/or snacks.

     3.  When will you return to Tucson?

A: Tournament schedules adjust as the tournaments unfold.  They may end earlier or later than is noted on the schedule that you receive.  As soon as the award ceremony ends, we are free to leave Phoenix.  It is vital that students and parents remain in contact, as it is very likely that the arrival time will slightly change.


Jennifer Wittman