Green Fields Q&A

Q: Are ALL and Green Fields (GF) merging?
A: No! Prior to GF entering bankruptcy a merger might have been preferable. It is not now possible.

Q: Is ALL’s purchase of GF a fait accompli?
A: No! As the stalking horse bidder, ALL’s bid sets the lower limit. Anyone may submit a higher bid.

Q: How did ALL arrive at its bid?
A: ALL aligned its bid ($2,550.000) with sums owed GF’s creditors ($2,267,418.39) with intent of paying, in full, all legitimate claims. Maintaining GF’s good name is in ALL’s best interests.

Q: Is GF closing?
A: No. Assuming ALL is successful in its bid, GF will open to students October 14, 2019

Q: Is ALL’s bid for the GF campus and buildings or the GF entirety?
A: ALL’s bid is for the GF Entity; including the campus, physical and, trademarks, name, logos, real property, personal property.

Q: Will GF maintain its culture and continue its traditions?
A: We hope so. We hope to hire previous GF staff members; hope a sizable portion of the student body will want to return in October; and hope GF alum and parents will remain active.

Q: Will GF change?
A: This is just another chapter in the continuing metamorphosis of GF. Most things will remain the same. For eighty-five years GF has changed and adapted. ALL is hopeful that any changes will only enhance GF’s educational quality.

Q: Can returning GF seniors graduate from GF?

A: Yes! We are working out these details but yes.

Q: Will credit hours earned before October 14, 2019 be accepted?
A: Yes! We are still working on these details.

Q: Can seniors use the graduation requirements prior to October 14, 2019 or must they use current graduation requirements?
A: Seniors and juniors may do either.

Q: Will there be crossover between ALL students and GF students?

A: Yes. Secondary students attending GF may elect to attend some classes at ALL and secondary students at ALL may elect to attend some classes at GF.

Q: Am I able to take the SAT, PSAT, or ACT on campus?
A: Yes. ALL is currently a College Board testing center and intends to add GF as an additional testing center.

Q: Will GF offer AP classes?
A: Yes. GF will offer many AP classes. GF will continue ALL’s tradition of encouraging participation by paying the test fee for students who are prepared. Many ALL students have earned enough credit hours to start college as sophomores.

Q: Will juniors and seniors have access to college application guidance?
A: Yes. ALL is very effective at guiding students through the convoluted college application process. An elevated percentage of ALL students have been accepted into the most selective universities in the world; many with “full-ride” scholarships and financial aid.

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