Waiting List / Preference / Lottery

Waiting List / Preference/ Lottery

1. Admission Preference: Enrollment priority,without the requirement to participate in an enrollment lottery,shall be granted to:

· Students currently attending ALL. Returning students shall be automatically re-enrolled for the following year without the requirement of a new application.However, each returning student should indicate “intent to return” on or before July 1st of each year to reserve such priority.

· Children, grandchildren, or legal wards of full-time employees of ALL or members of ALL’s governing body,

· Siblings of students currently attending ALL,

· Siblings or children of ALL graduates.

2. Lottery Process / Waiting List: At the end of each application period and after having enrolled those students granted admission preference;if it is determined that the number of applications exceeds remaining capacity at any grade level, building capacity, or other capacity limiting factor,an equitable, unbiased lottery shall be utilized to randomly select student names to fill each remaining capacity.

Once the selected names have filled each capacity, the remaining names shall be randomly drawn and the order they are drawn, for each capacity, recorded. These names shall be placed on a “waitlist” in the order drawn. Should openings occur, enrollment preference shall be granted in the order the names on the waitlist.

Three, good faith attempts will be made over a three day decision period, to make contact with the parents or guardians of students selected to be offered admission, before moving on to the next name. Selected names not contacted, declines of admission, or if a decision to accept admission is not made within the three day decision period, the name shall be discarded and a new application for admission shall be required before the name may again be considered. Applications will remain active only until the end of the academic year.

3. To facilitate parent and school planning: In high demand cycles,openapplication periods shall be short. In low demand cycles,open application periods shall be long.  At the end of each open application period, the number of applications for admission will be counted to determine whether the number of applications submitted for any program exceeds the program’s capacity. Open application periods will be announced when, in the opinion of ALL, excess capacity exists or may soon exist. Open application periods will be closed when, in the opinion of ALL, capacity has been exceeded or may have been exceeded.

4. For a student to be considered for admission, granted an Enrollment Priority, or eligible to be entered in an Enrollment Lottery,ALL must first deem an Application for Admission complete.

ALL does not discriminate in admissions on the basis of race, gender; gender identity, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability or any other legally protected classification, as articulated in: Title IV of the Civil Rights Act; Title IX of the Education Amendments, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (“Section 504”) and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”).