About Us

Accelerated Learning Laboratory in Tucson, AZ


Educational Choice.

ALL offers educational choice to families seeking a college ready curriculum, advanced teaching methods, and accelerated instruction. ALL provides above grade level instruction for children pre-school through 12th grade. ALL’s K-12 school is publicly funded; tuition is free for Arizona State residents.  Accelerated Pre-school (ages 3-5) is privately funded but affordably priced. Although many of ALL’s students exhibit cognitive skills suggestive of prodigies, they are normal, well adjusted, physically active, fun loving children, who exhibit remarkable social skills.

Low Stress, Minimal Anxiety.

Unlike other high performing schools, the ambiance at ALL is low stress with minimal anxiety, yet rigorous goals and high academic growth are attained. ALL‘s spectacular results are achieved through a “systems engineered design” based on modern research in learning and teaching.  Not all students come in working above grade level but given time,virtually all will. Students progress at their own pace.No student is required to wait for another student to learn, nor is any student driven so hard as to experience inordinate frustration. Instructional level, rigor and learning rate are continuously adjusted to meet each student’s “challenge level” (threshold at which content can be mastered only with effort.) However, caution is exercised to remain below each student’s failure threshold (threshold at which content can be mastered only within ordinate effort). ALL’s educational system bends to meet each student’s educational needs, not the other way around.


Unique to ALL is its practice of helping students develop mental behaviors that have long been associated with high intelligence, academic and career success, and life satisfaction (happiness). Students not only “learn-to-Learn” they develop what is known in the learning research community as “grit” (powerful motivation to achieve personalized objectives.) Students develop personality traits such as openness, conscientiousness, and agreeableness as well as a range of meta cognitive skills that enhance not only the effectiveness of their academic efforts but the quality of their entire lives.

Zero-Tolerance for Bullying.

Virtually non-existent are violent play, selfish conduct, and unkind words. There is “no tolerance” for bullying, on or off campus.  Student culture is supportive, inclusive,civil and scholarly. At ALL:“Every student has the right to learn in a risk free environment; No student may interfere with another student’s learning; No student may injure, humiliate, or threaten another student physically or emotionally.

Life Experience.

Experiences students have at ALL are reflective of social shifts that have occurred in the 21st century.  Students’ life experience preferences have radically changed: they thrive on increased decision making opportunities; they are not content with “spectator” experiences; individuality is more highly valued; stereotypical “old-school” activities are shunned;and today’s student experiences, at ALL,are richer, deeper, and more inclusive. ALL students form familial lifelong bonds that transcend time, age and distance.Inexplicably, those bonds sometimes produce unexpected outcomes. Such as, this year, for reasons unknown, recent ALL graduates along with ALL graduates who have already earned degrees from universities on the east coast and universities scattered around the nation, have coalesced at Stanford University and in the surrounding area. ALL graduates frequently return to “the nest” and volunteer to help current students, even when scattered around the world; even when “the nest” is motile.