A Self-Paced Curriculum

Why does Accelerated Learning Laboratory have a self-paced curriculum?

Children learn in unique ways and at different rates.

Traditional school curricula teach all students the same way without considering individual differences. Flawed teaching models mean that most students learn far below their potential and become bored and dissatisfied.

How does the A.L.L. model address varied students’ learning styles?

Students are grouped according to their ability rather than their age or grade level. A.L.L. instructors are trained in a variety of techniques to teach children with a range of maturity levels simultaneously. This diverse classroom composition creates a collaborative learning camaraderie in which students support each other and respect each other’s learning styles.


How can A.L.L. teach students individually in a group setting?

Instructional strategies used by A.L.L. expert teachers address differences in student knowledge and functional level. These include:

Open-ended content design, which allows students to progress at their own pace without being restricted by neither grade-level-content barriers nor lock-step-pacing.

Instructional scaffolding techniques are designed to promote self-sustained student learning in a competitive but support environment. Instructional level and rigor are continuously adjusted to meet each student’s challenge level but not overwhelm students.

Self-leveling instructional materials and system design ensure that each student receives instruction at his/her individualized and appropriate challenge level.

Why is the A.L.L. curriculum so effective in student achievement?

The rate of teaching and learning is tailored to each student’s ability ensuring success. Continual learning success reinforces a child’s desire to learn. No student is required to wait for another student to learn, but they are encouraged to share their knowledge with each other and learn together.

The A.L.L. curriculum offers both an individualized and accelerated program that can be tailored to varied learning styles. The school will instill a love of learning for your child and prepare them for a life of learning and academic success.